More mobile workers

Fewer service calls per day

Greater mileage reimbursement



Fewer mobile workers

Increased calls per day

Cuts actual miles driven by 40%



  • Digitex

    Jeremy Tietje,
    Service Manager

    Techs are able to dispatch, arrive, and complete their service calls even without a network connection because the data is stored on the device and then syncs when a network connection becomes available. This is beneficial because it allows the ability to maintain real time data even while not connected to the internet.
    NXB's GPS user tracking feature has been beneficial to production as well. Having the ability to see the technician routes and activity has improved the techs gross calls per day.

  • Digital Copy Systems

    Mark Mathias,
    Digital Copy Systems

    I have been in the industry for over 18 years and have used other dispatch systems in the past. I have always been very frustrated with the lack of support or promises from other vendors. The NXB system and the team have impressed me in every way. There isn't anyone else that comes close to the quality of both the product and the lightning service they offer! We have 5 branches and two field service managers that use the tablets to see what their teams are doing at any time from practically anywhere, this has saved us time and money. They have done something that I thought a dispatch system couldn't do ... pleasing both my managers and technicians alike due to their stellar product and service!!!